Mirrorbits is a geographically aware IP based mirror redirection system. We use mirrorbits to dynamically route repository traffic to the nearest mirror that has the correct file to service the request. Mirrorbits is a VLC project with more information available on GitHub. Mirrorbits needs either rsync (preferred) or ftp access to all mirrors to run periodic scans and health checks. Mirrorbits can also handle dynamic handoff between mirrors and is configured to do so by issuing per-file redirects.

Mirrorbits serves traffic under the virtual hostname auto.voidlinux.org.

Useful Tricks

Mirrorbits keeps a log of traffic that has been routed for the last 24 hours. Since mirrorbits knows how large each file it is directing is, the bandwidth cost of each mirror is known to mirrorbits. To see this data visit auto.voidlinux.org?mirrorstats.

The mirrorstats page also has a handy map that shows you where all the servers currently mirroring Void are located. Leads with shell access to the mirrorbits host can summon further information from the mirrordb by using the mirrorbits CLI. For example:

$ mirrorbits --config /etc/mirrorbits/config.yml show a-lej-de
Mirror: vm1-a-lej-de
HttpURL: http://vm1.a-lej-de.m.voidlinux.org/
RsyncURL: rsync://localhost/voidmirror/
FtpURL: ""
SponsorName: Void Linux
SponsorURL: https://www.voidlinux.org
SponsorLogoURL: https://voidlinux.github.io/assets/img/void_fg.png
AdminName: Michael Aldridge
AdminEmail: maldridge@voidlinux.eu
CustomData: ""
ContinentOnly: false
CountryOnly: false
ASOnly: false
Score: 1
Latitude: 49.11594
Longitude: 10.7534
ContinentCode: EU
CountryCodes: DE
ExcludedCountryCodes: ""
ASNum: 0
Enabled: true
AllowRedirects: null


If you think that mirrorbits has made the wrong call in where a file was served from, you can append ?mirrorlist to any mirror URL and see why you're being routed to a particular mirror.

An example URL to try: http://auto.voidlinux.org/live/current/sha256sums.txt?mirrorlist


Mirrorbits runs without SSL because it needs to be able to issue redirects to other servers. Not all of these mirrors offer SSL connection options and protocol downgrade during a 302 redirect is not well supported. Users that wish to use SSL at all times should be advised to manually configure a preferred mirror.