Almost all of Void's configuration data is public. Things that are not public are referred to as "secrets". This includes information such as the buildbot login file, signing keys, various tokens that authenticate services and so on. This data lives in ansible/secret and you must obtain a copy of this directory before trying to push to any machine.

The format of files in the secret directory should be plain text for files that are string secrets, or the native file format of the secret in question. Secret names should be of the form ROLENAME_SECRET so a token signing key for the netauth service should be named netauth_token.key in the secret directory and its file format should be PEM encoded key data.

Storing Secrets

Secrets should be encrypted when at rest. It is advised to store secrets in an EncFS directory which is mounted into the appropriate location as needed. Any encrypted system is acceptable here assuming that it provides a normal filesystem view and supports strong cryptography.

Obtaining Secrets

Secrets should be held by as few people as possible, but no fewer than 2 at any given time. Secrets should only be exchanged after positive identity confirmation has been confirmed. Transfer should then be done via secure means, such as a copy made to a Void host and then made visible via Unix file permissions.