BuildBot is our legacy build scheduler.

The buildbot master runs at and provides unified scheduling to all other build tasks in the fleet. BuildBot also exposes a web interface.

The current status of the build infrastructure can be found on the build waterfall. This view shows what each of the buildslaves is doing right now, and uses traffic light colors for build state. A purple builder is usually a reason to contact void-ops and figure out what's wrong with the build host.

Authenticated users of the buildbot can restart builds that have failed without needing to push a new commit. Not all committers have access to restart failed builds this way. If you believe that you should have this access, contact maldridge@.

Moving a buildslave


In the event that this is unavoidable, all builds need to be paused until the move can be completed. In the even the builder that needs to be moved is on the musl cluster, all musl builders will need to be moved with it. Similarly, the aarch64 builders must always move as a pair.


BuildBot is slated for replacement this fall/winter. The system will be replaced by the Distributed XBPS Package Builder (dxpb) which will resolve many of the long standing problems in the buildbot.