Sometimes maintainers wish to distribute certain files to either each other or to external users for test. A good example is new builds of the major browsers, and builds that are unsuitable for inclusion in the main repo in their current state, such as when a new technology is being trialed. This service is available at

For these purposes Void Linux maintains the worlds worst webhost, void DevSpace. This is a webserver and SFTP server combination that derive authentication from NetAuth so that its users are divorced from users on the physical host. The hosting service provided is extremely limited and its only feature is auto-indexing of the filesystem tree.

If you are a currently active maintainer and wish to have an account on this system, contact maldridge@. Once you have an account you may connect via SFTP to on port number 2022. Expect the following key fingerprints:

3072 SHA256:kQvGWsG7SGP4qTHn11RtifPJIxDchzdWDqoYcW9obrw []:2022 (RSA)
256 SHA256:/1lubJnK04FUqH+NJH9QXRyzuK1BDq2baRa21K/OzzQ []:2022 (ECDSA)
256 SHA256:E/VvL7jVtAGutQDyswxm/dL639i56wEHiDJgS5L+QQ8 []:2022 (ED25519)