PopCorn is Void's package popularity system, similar to Debian's popularity contest system popcon, from which the name was inspired.

Information in depth about PopCorn can be found at the project's GitHub repository.

Querying Stats

Stats from PopCorn are available for anyone who wishes to query the system. The server is live at popcorn.voidlinux.org with reports services on port 8000 and the stats repository available on port 8003.

Getting the day's stats

You can download the current raw stats at any time. These are the stats that are written to the per-day files at the PopCorn site.

$ popcornctl --server popcorn.voidlinux.org --port 8001 report

If no file is specified then output.json will be written to the current directory. If a file is specified by passing --file <path> to report, then the output will be written to the named file.

Finding out versions of a package

The versions for a package can be queried from the statsrepo with popcornctl. By default the stats are queried over the most recent 30 day interval. To get known versions us the following query:

$ popcornctl --server popcorn.voidlinux.org --port 8003 pkgstats --pkg <pkg>

Additional formatting options are available by specifying --format. Useful alternate formats are date and csv which provide information about versions seen over time.